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Who We Are

We work with lots of small wineries and young passionate winemakers. We have built a range that is entirely organic and every bottle is vegan friendly too. Due to the way that most of our wines are produced, they are also low in sulphites and sugars – so no headaches the morning after a glass too many!!

The majority of our wines are low production, and super exclusive, to the extent that some of our stock comprises of wines of which there are only a few hundred in the country.

Each member of our team is highly passionate about minimal intervention winemaking, unusual grape varietals and alternatives to the mainstream wines you see everywhere. Not just that, but we like to think of ourselves as highly knowledgable, with a combined history of over 20 years in the business.

We are always rotating stock and finding new customer favourites – in fact our range is hugely made up of wines that our customers have told us they love, and we have to agree with them! Because, most importantly, we love every wine we stock. If we didn’t, they wouldn’t be on our shelves!

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